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PokerStars Bonus Review – 100% Bonus Match, bonus capped at $600.

First-time members of PokerStars will find a rather unique welcome bonus awaiting them, matching the first deposit at 100% up to $600.  This is the new 2011 PokerStars Bonus Code, but will also work in 2010.

The unique aspect is not the amount of the bonus, but rather the way it can be obtained over the first three deposits, rather than just the initial deposit. You could deposit $600 to start and grab the whole PokerStars bonus at once; or deposit two installments of $300 to claim the full PokerStars bonus; or three installments of $200. You could mix it up with a $100, $350 and $150 deposit. Or you could drop three $100 deposits and only claim $300 of the PokerStars bonus.




2011 pokerstars bonus


It’s totally up to you how you want to receive your PokerStars Bonus 2011 cash. The only requirements are that you use the PokerStars Bonus Code ‘STARS600’ each time you deposit (up to three times), and that all extenuating deposits be made within 90 days of the first deposit.

If you are creating a brand new account, you will be asked for PokerStars marketing code during sign up.  Use 2011 PokerStars Marketing’ to make sure you get your $600 bonus.

bonus code for pokerstars

Clearing your PokerStars Bonus

PokerStars has made it easier than ever to clear the welcome bonus, giving each extension of the bonus a 6-month clearing period before expiration and comparable points requirements. The actual number of VPP (VIP player points) needed, and maximum bonus payable, varies by depositing currency.

USD: Max bonus $600 – 17 VPP per $1.

EUR: Max bonus €425 – 24 VPP per €1.

GBP: Max bonus £375 – 27 VPP per £1.

CAD: Max bonus $650 – 16 VPP per $1.

Note: The remainder of this PokerStars Bonus Review will refer to USD deposits.

Bonus Money Credited in $10 Increments

Your PokerStars bonus money is held in a “pending bonus” account. Each time you earn 170 VPP, your account is instantly credited with $10 of the bonus.

Earn a Partial PokerStars Bonus

It is not necessary to earn the maximum PokerStars bonus. If you deposit a full $600 or more on the first deposit, or over the first two to three deposits within 90 days, you will continue to clear the bonus in $10 increments for every 170 VPP collected for the next 6 months, or until your bonus is completely cleared, whichever occurs first.

If you do not deposit the full $600 within 90 days, you will earn VPP towards clearing the pending bonus equal to your deposit(s).

For example, you make two deposits in the first 90 days using the PokerStars bonus codeSTARS600‘. The total of both deposits is $400. You earn 4,760 VPP before the expiration date (note that each deposit has a new 6-month expiration). You would release $280 of the bonus to your real money PokerStars account, yours to keep, play poker with or withdrawal as you wish.

Obtaining the maximum PokerStars Bonus

To earn the maximum PokerStars bonus, you will need to deposit a minimum of $600 within the first 90 days over one, two or three deposits. During each qualifying deposit, be sure to use the 2011 PokerStars bonus code ‘STARS600’. The full points requirement would be 10,200 VPP. Remember that each qualifying deposit begins a new 6-month expiration to clear that portion of the bonus.

If you deposit $200 to start, you have 6 months to earn 3,400 VPPs to clear the PokerStars bonus. If the next month you deposit another $200, you will have another 6-months from that point to earn another 3,400, and so forth on the final $200 deposit / 3,400 VPP.

Earning Points to Clear PokerStars Bonuses

Although VPP (VIP player points) and FPP (frequent player points) are earned in the same manner, and at the same rate, they are not the same. FPPs have other uses at PokerStars, and do not release bonuses. That’s where the VPPs come in.

VPPs are awarded every time you play real money poker at PokerStars. The VPP guidelines at cash tables vary by the size of the table (not the number of players seated). At a table with 8+ seats, every $1 raked is worth 8.5 VPP, divided among all players dealt in the hand. So if there are only two players seated at a table with 8 or more seats, and $1 is raked, each player earns 4.25 VPP. At tables with 7 or less seats, every $1 raked is worth 8 VPP, again divided among all players dealt in the hand.

Note that the fractional division of VPP is awarded in hundredths. For example, if 4 players at a 8+ seater table are raked at $1, the VPP would be 8.5. 8.5 divided by 4 is 2.125. Each player would receive 2.12 VPP, extending only to the hundredth position.

Earn Bonus Clearing PokerStars Points Playing Poker Tournaments

In tournaments, every $1 in fees earns 5.5 VPP. A $20+$2 tournament would award 11 VPP; a $5+$0.50 tournament would award 2.75 VPP.

PokerStars Bonuses – Player Retention

PokerStars has the largest active player base in the entire online poker industry – nearly twice that of its nearest competitor – averaging more than 170,000 players at peak hours. There is no question as the PokerStars quality of player retention. In the past, even when the poker room boasted one of the worst welcome bonuses in the business, worth only $50, it was still the favorite by far. It is the multitude of exceptional qualities combined – the software, game variety, pro player activity, security, speed of payments, customer support, bonuses and promotions – absolutely everything works in conjunction to give players a superior online poker experience. The PokerStars bonus is just the tip of the iceberg!

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