Poker Terms

Poker Terms

Aces Full: A full house with three aces and any pair.

Action – The betting in a poker hand.

Ajax – An Ace and Jack

American Airlines – Two Aces

Anna Kournikova – Ace and a King

Back Door – A draw that requires two cards needed for a straight, flush, or full house.

Best of It – the favorite to win.

Blank – A Useless card.

Boat – Full House.

Bottom Pair – Having the lowest pair on the board.

Button – A token (button) that represents the dealer position (the button is also is the last to act).

Check-Raise – To first check a hand, and then to raise if an opponent bets.

Chop – To split the pot.

Cold Call – To call both a bet and a raise.

Community Cards – Cards in the middle that are shared by all the players.

Donkey – aka Donk; A terrible poker player that makes bad calls and loses money.

Drawing Dead – Drawing cards to a hand that can not win, becuase it is already beat.

Dead Man’s Hand – 2 pair; Aces and Eights (The hand Wild Bill Hickock had when shot in the back).

Ducks – Pair of twos.

Expected Value EV) – The average amount you will win when betting in the same situation over a period of time.

Favorite – The best chance to win.

Fish – The same as a Donk or Donkey

Flat Call – To Call a bet without raising.

Gut Shot – A draw to an inside straight.

Hole Cards – The first cards dealt to you that your opponents cannot see.

Implied Odds – Bets that you can reasonably expect to collect in addition to the bets already in the pot if you hit your hand.

Inside Straight – 4 cards that is missing a middle card to complete the straight.

Keep you Honest – The call at the end of a hand to prevent them from bluffing.

Kojak – An ace and a King hand.

Ladies – A hand with 2 queens.

Limp-In – To enter a hand with a call before the flop.

Loose – To play more hands than you should be playing.

Nuts – The best possible hand that cannot be beat.

Outs – Cards that can come to improve your hand.

Pot Odds – The mathematical computation of the odds of your hand improving, the amount of money in the pot, and the size of the bet you must call.

Rake – The amount of money taken from each pot by the card room.

Reraise – To raise after after someone has already raised.

Set – Three of a kind.

Short Stacked – The smallest stack of chips at the table.

Steal – To force an opponent to fold when you don’t have the best hand.

Tell – A players action that gives away the strength or weekness of their hand.

Tight – To play fewer hands than normal, and usually only plays premium hands.

Tilt – When a player is emotionally upset and makes poor calls.

Under the Gun – aka UTG, The first person to act in the hand and is in the earliest position

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